Career Counseling

Are you experiencing burnout, frustration, a deadness of soul in your current career? If so, you are probably in the wrong kind of work for you. Career counseling can help you take control. What were you born to do? Can you get in touch with that?

As a psychotherapist with a background of 20+ years in the field of Human Resources/Recruiting in a variety of industries, I can help you find answers to these questions. Through individual sessions, including vocational testing, we will explore what your soul purpose is, your strengths and weaknesses, aptitudes and interests, practical considerations in your life, as well as those of the marketplace.

Career Counseling Bothell WA

If you are searching for work, and are worried that your resume isn’t solid enough, I can help you create a resume that reflects your experience in the best possible light. If you were terminated from your last job, I can help you decide how to present that job on the resume, and in the interview.