Autism Spectrum Disorders

Families who are affected by autism spectrum disorders (autism, pervasive developmental disability, Asperger’s Syndrome, A.S.D. non-verbal learning disorder) face an array of challenges. The following services are offered to help families affected by autism spectrum disorders:

Bothell WA Autism Spectrum Disorders Therapy
Individual Counseling
Treatment of mental health disorders associated with autism spectrum disorders, such as anxiety and depression, difficulty with transitions such as starting college, relationship issues. Anxiety and depression are common among those on the spectrum, and I treat them with psychoeducation, skills-training for decreasing symptoms, counseling for underlying causes of the anxiety and depression. Many individuals on the spectrum appreciate having a therapist who understands autism, and how it affects their ability to navigate the “NT” world.
Couple Counseling
For couples who have a member on the spectrum; coaching about how the disorder affects relationships, communication, expectations; and counseling to preserve and/or attain a healthy relationship. When a couple has a member on the spectrum, there are common misunderstandings about thinking style, communication, and behavior that commonly cause a lot of problems in the relationship. Learning about how the “Aspie” vs. “NT’ brain work can make a huge difference to a couple in how they relate to and understand one another.
Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening
For adults who suspect they may be on the spectrum and wish to have testing and evaluation; extensive interviews and assessment performed in two extended sessions. I limit these assessments to adults because children and teens who are still in school are generally required by their schools’ administration to have an evaluation by a psychiatrist or psychologist with a Ph.D. However, if you are an adult who would just like to have feedback from a professional who has been working with autism for 15+ years, I can provide a thorough assessment that will help answer some questions for you. Sometimes, adults like to have a screening so they can ask their employer for accomations in the workplace.